Transitioning to Civvy Street

There comes the time when most serving members are faced with the decision to leave and pursue a new career outside the forces. This FREE e-paper lists 10 simple things every transitioning member should consider when leaving the forces.

Thomas Triebsees
Founder and CEO
Defence in Business

Since setting up Defence in Business some four years ago, I've met thousands of members of the Defence community and many who were in this situation. I will say it as it is: Transitioning is challenging. Not only is it a career change, it is also a significant change in your (and potentially your partner's and kids') life situation. But the change is rewarding too! It opens up a whole new world of opportunities to build on all these distinguished things you've done.
Check out this FREE e-paper with 10 easy and simple tips every transitioning member should consider. They focus purely on the professional aspects of the transition and will apply to different degrees in every specific situation.

Enjoy and I hope you find it of value.

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Transition to Civvy Street

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